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US Legislation. Online poker in the US has never been and probably never will be illegal. While some outsiders, and possibly insiders, will assert that playing online poker in the US is an offence, the reality of the situation is that it’s not. State-Specific Online Poker Legislation Updates - KMT

California has led the world in computer and internet innovation, and there is no good reason why we can’t continue to lead with a sensible online-poker framework.Poker Analysts continue to remain positive and believe the California could approve the bill and legalize online poker in 2015. California To Weigh Latest Bill To Legalize Online Poker “Authorizing online poker will be good for millions of consumers and poker players who will benefit from a safe, regulated, commercial gaming environmentThe two-page letter heaps praise on Gray for his leadership skills, and his transparency in supporting online poker legislation in the Assembly. California Online Poker Bills Stalled for 2014 … California online poker will not be written into law this year in the Golden State. That’s the news from the two sponsors of two separate regulatory draftMeanwhile, The Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel has decided to go it alone, whether legislation is passed or not. The Iipay Nation has said it will use its...

For more than a decade, California has been trying to pass an online poker bill without much progress. Despite trying to do it all, the state just has not been able to legalize online poker just yet. What’s more, in the year 2018, the development with the bill just hit a reset button, so in […]

California Will Not Consider Online Poker Legislation This ... Virtually no one projected California to pass online poker legislation in 2018, but now we can officially report that Golden State lawmakers won’t even be considering an internet poker bill this ... California Online Poker News & Legislation at PlayCA While the timeline is still not set in stone, intense legislative efforts to bring regulated, legal online poker to California are currently underway. Soon, players will be able to take part in real-money online poker games at licensed sites backed by some of the biggest names in California poker and gambling.

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Poker Law & Legislation. Poker continues to expand globally. Make PokerUpdate one of your sources for. complete, comprehensive information regarding changes to poker legislation. From the. Americas to Europe and beyond, we will keep you updated to all matter regarding poker. law. We will also keep you informed on all changes to online poker ...

California. CA is home to nearly 100 real money poker card rooms, 68 tribal casinos and a plethora of horseracing tracks and thanks to all those real cash gambling options, many people say California, and not Las Vegas, is the gambling capital of the United States. U.S. Online Poker Legislation Update - My Poker Basics U.S. Online Poker Legislation Update. Just days after the first draft of Harry Reid’s proposed online gambling legislation was leaked, the possibility of online poker finally and completely becoming legal in the United States has permeated beyond the poker industry to become world news. The Insane Legal Online Poker Status in California [2019] The Insane Legal Online Poker Status in California. Wasn’t online poker supposed to be legal in California by now? The PPA sure thought so. In 2013 John Pappas, the Executive Director, mentioned that, with support from a dozen key tribes, he would be surprised if a bill wasn’t passed by early 2014.

California Online Poker: The "most-vetted bill" in California this year passed through the California Assembly Appropriations Committee on Wednesday.

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One of the web's premier up-and-coming websites for poker news online. Follow us here for breaking poker news and daily poker world updates, as well as in-depth poker features and poker interviews. US Poker News - State by State News & Legislation Updates Virginia Commission Hires Gaming Consultant Per New Law Thursday, 16th May 2019. In March, Virginia lawmakers passed a bill to expand gambling in the state, though not to be confused with West Virginia that voted shortly thereafter to legalize online poker and casino games. Play CA ( - California Online Poker News California Online Poker News & Legislation at PlayCA - Play CA. May 18, 2016. California Online Poker News & Legislation at PlayCA. California legislators are working to legalize online poker in California. PlayCA will keep you up to date on legislation news, analysis and how you c... October 08, 2012. California Lottery